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Sobchak a făcut bani, Ziua în care Vladimir Putin a plâns. ”Putin pare cu adevărat distrus” -

His father, Aleksander Antonovich, was a railroad engineerand his mother, Nadezhda Andreyevna Litvinova, was an accountant.

Anatoly was one of four brothers. Inthe family moved to Uzbekistanwhere Anatoly lived until before entering Stavropol Law College.

Inhe transferred to Leningrad State University.

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They had a daughter called Maria Sobchak, born inwho is currently a St Petersburg lawyer while her son Gleb Sobchak, born ingraduated from the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University. After obtaining his Ph. They had a daughter, Ksenia Sobchak.

Ziua în care Vladimir Putin a plâns. Rușii își văd rar președintele plângând, deși au existat o mulțime de tragedii în timpul celor 18 ani petrecuți la putere. Dar s-a întâmplat o dată, chiar la începuturile sale, pe 24 februariela înmormântarea lui Anatoly Sobchak. Sobchak era unul dintre bărbații care, alături de Gorbachev și Elțin, au contribuit la prăbușirea Uniunii Sovietice. El a fost, de asemenea, reformatorul care a luat un ofițer KBG de nivel mediu, sub numele de Vladimir Putin, din obscuritate, și i-a oferit primul loc de muncă în politică.

After obtaining his D. He was very popular Sobchak a făcut bani law students, especially for his mildly anti-government comments. During his work at Leningrad State University, he established close relations with its then administrator of international affairs, Vladimir Putinwhich he maintained for the rest of his life.

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Legislator[ edit ] Inafter election laws changed during Perestroikahe was elected as Sobchak a făcut bani independent candidate to the Congress of People's Deputies of the Soviet Union. Sobchak a făcut bani was one of only a few deputies who had a legal background, so he contributed enormously to most of the laws created from to He also was a chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on the Investigation of the events of 9 April in Tbilisi.

The Commission condemned the military, which was blamed for many deaths when dispersing demonstrators. The Commission's report made it more difficult to use military force against civil demonstrations in the Soviet Union and Russia.

Sobchak a făcut bani cumpărarea de vânzare de acțiuni

He was a member of the President's Consultative Council during Mikhail Gorbachev 's tenure and contributed to legislation that originated from the presidential administration. After the Soviet Union was dissolved inSobchak was not a member of the central Parliament but was a member of Yeltsin's Presidential Council and the chairman of the Constitutional Assembly that prepared the Constitution of the Russian Federation in The constitution is often informally called Sobchak's constitution, although its real authors have been somewhat less known.

From the beginning, his leadership was marked by a strongly authoritarian bent.

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The first of such elections in June were combined with the referendum on the city name. Sobchak won the elections, and the city voted to return to its historical name of Saint Petersburg.

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The name change was established in one of the last sessions of the Congress of People's Deputies of the Soviet Unionheld on 12 September The change needed an amendment of the Constitution of the Soviet Union and its passage required much effort by Sobchak. During his tenure, a Kissinger -Sobchak commission was formed in order to attract western investment into St. According to Putin who had met with Kissinger a couple of times, when Kissinger stated that the Soviet Union had pulled out of Eastern Europe too quickly under Gorbachev and that Kissinger was being blamed but Kissinger had thought it was impossible, Putin had agreed with Kissinger because so many problems would have been avoided if the pull out wasn't so hasty.

During his tenure, the city became a place of glamorous cultural and sporting events.

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Most of the everyday control of the city structure was handled by two Mayor's deputies — Vladimir Yakovlev and Vladimir Putin ; critics alleged deterioration of city infrastructure, growing corruption, and crime during this time.

In the mayoral election, Sobchak was opposed by his former first deputy Vladimir Yakovlev and lost by a margin of 1.

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The major pitch of Yakovlev's campaign was that Sobchak's patronage of the arts with city money and involvement in federal politics prevented him from solving the real problems of the city. He was accused of irregularities in the privatization of his own apartment, his elder daughter's apartment, and his wife's art studio. By the standards of the s in Russia, the allegations were relatively minor although the alleged losses for city finances were still in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Thus, Sobchak's supporters saw the criminal proceedings as a political repression.

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According to Ksenia Sobchakthis campaign was started in from Moscow to prevent her father from running in future presidential elections. The formal reason for his departure was medical treatment in a Paris hospital for his heart condition, but Sobchak never checked in at the hospital.

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Between andhe lived the typical life of a political émigré in Paris. In Junehis friend Vladimir Putin became much stronger politically in a few weeks he became the Prime Minister of Russiaand he was able to make the prosecutors drop the charges against Sobchak.

On 12 JuneSobchak returned to Russia.

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After his return, Sobchak became a very active supporter of Putin in his quest for the Russian presidency. Sobchak's wife Lyudmila Narusova centredaughter Ksenia Sobchak far right and Vladimir Putin at his funeral On 17 FebruaryPutin met with Sobchak and urged him to travel to Kaliningrad to support his election campaign. The initial suspected cause of death was a heart attackbut the findings of two medical experts were contradictory.

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After three months, the investigation was closed without a finding. Petersburg, near the grave of Galina Starovoitova.