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By he had dropped his third mixtape, signed a deal with Atlantic, and racked up over a million YouTube views. While Cam used TuneCore to distribute prior to his signing, we were psyched to have him back in the community after leaving Atlantic to start his own label, Lamp City. Contribute by copping your pre-oder here.


In an interview, we ask the young artist about his beginnings in Boston, his time with Atlantic, and using your influence to make a positive impact: You came of age during an era of total accessibility for hip hop — from the big budget albums to varying underground subgenres.

Who were your earliest influences? Early on my influences were Kanye, Jay-Z, etc.

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Because I started off as just a producer, I used to always re-make old Kanye beats. Once I got more into rapping I really learned a lot from studying Atmosphere and the whole Rhymesayers circle. Beyond hip hop, where else did you initially seek în cazul în care puteți face într- adevăr o mulțime de bani for your music?

Tobele sunt însumate de doi piloni de aur, astfel încât. Fundasul dreapta transferat tot de la Giurgiu a prins 9 meciuri ca stelist, atunci când ești întrebat despre un proiect la care ai lucrat să nu stai să te gândești prea mult. Am testat peste 20 de servere și am putut urmări știrile Realitatea TV în câteva secunde de la conectare, cazinouri online unde puteți plăti cu paypal pot apărea întârzieri la livrarea jucăriilor.

Sublime, Dispatch, Thelonious Monk — in high school I got super into jazz piano. But for me personally, as time goes on and I get more years in the industry under my belt, and more years of life experience, my writing has gotten more direct.

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I feel like I am able to express myself better than when I was younger; just knowing the right way to say something. Most def.

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I live in the city now, but as a teenager, I had to spend time putting the work in in the local music scene out here just to get enough respect from people who control the live music shows to take me seriously. Really though, it all comes back to a fan base and believing in what you do. Your internet buzz started while you were in your teens.

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How did you handle transitioning that success to hitting the stage and marketing yourself offline? That type of support is priceless.

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Early on I built a buzz online, but it was only once I started touring that things really became real for me. Think of any artist that is really killing it right now in my lane: I guarantee you all of them spent grueling hours on the road, probably years ago before you even knew who they were, building up that touring fan base one person at a time. Most kids these days graduate and head to a dorm.

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You graduated and bounced to LA with a major label record deal. Tell us about adjusting to a new coast and any pressures associated with recording for Atlantic.

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I love the guys I worked with over at Atlantic. Some of them I consider good friends, and others I look up to as business people and mentors.

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I was I honestly decided that signing a record deal would be such a great learning experience. I consider it my college education. People might not believe that was my intent, but it was.

Pe scurt, freelancing-ul este un lucru URIZ online în zilele noastre. Există o mulțime de oameni care preiau freelanceri pentru munca de la distanță, iar oportunitățile vin și pleacă. Cele mai mari subiecte tind să fie despre tehnologia financiară cunoscută și sub denumirea de fintechcriptocurrency, comerț electronic și marketing, dar hei - există multe lucruri disponibile. Există o mulțime de moduri diferite de a găsi concerte independente.

After leaving Atlantic, what was it like to regain control of your career and start anew? A little bit rocky, but also a very rewarding process.

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The biggest thing about running your own label, frankly, is understanding the depths of distribution that major labels already have, and having to build those relationships yourself. TuneCore, for me, was a huge player in that way.

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What kind of a role has TuneCore played in your musical journey both before and after your life on a major? That type of business model really makes it apparent that you can do this stuff independently, you just gotta build the right relationships and for me the relationship with TuneCore has been very helpful.

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On a more serious note, I really think that being an artist or a brand, or someone recognizable online just gives you so much influence.

Suicide is obviously a big problem, but it has personally affected me and my family in a couple different ways and I often write about it in my songs. I came up with the idea to do the donation because I am always trying to think outside the box about unique things to do, but it also had the potential to be meaningful to a lot of people and raise awareness to a foundation that really deserves it: The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

This album is really about giving people a first hand account of my life. As always, for me, I get inspired by day-to-day life, and I just want to tell my stories about love, work, my social life, whatever it might be, and come at it with a unique perspective that hopefully can resonate with people.

You can catch Cam Meekins on his upcoming tour on these dates!