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History[ edit ] Prehistory and Antiquity[ edit ] Archaeological excavations in the Lorca area have revealed that it has been inhabited continuously since Neolithic times, 5, years ago. The earliest permanent settlement is in the Guadalentín River valley, likely because of its presence of water sources, mineral resources, and lying along a natural communication route in Andalusia.

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On the hillside below the castle and the town archaeological digs have revealed the remains of an important population of the El Argar culture during the Bronze Age.

Elicroca was important enough to become a bishopric, suffragan of the primatial Metropolitan Archbishopric of Toledobut it was to fade under Islam. Feudal and modern era[ edit ] Inthe Teodomiro Pact was signed, [7] referring to the place with the name "Lurqa.

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This lasted until his death when a Muslim reorganization of the state occurred, carried out by Abb-al-Rahman II, who turned the territory into a Córdoba dependency. It led to the formation of the Taifa kingdoms, [8] with the Taifa of Lorca as one of these kingdoms, first created in[9] when Lorca declared its independence from the emirate of Valencia.

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During the Arab period it was known as Lurka and the old part of the town, made up of narrow streets and alley-ways, achieved its present shape under Moorish rule. The city continued to grow, as in Arab times, and became the main town in an emerging rich agricultural region, although the border hindered economic development.

Lorca, known as the city of Coat of Armsis where the Moors and the Visigoths battled for control of the land; initially they both controlled the land up to the border on the north including the city comerț laorca Larcia while in later years, the Christians and the Moors controlled the city and the land up to the southern border. Lorca served as a base for launching raids into enemy territory. The Battle of Los Alporchonestook place here induring the reign of Juan II of Castilewho comerț laorca years earlier had granted the Lorca the title of " ciudad.

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The numerous public works to be carried out attracted labourers from elsewhere, resulting in an increase in the population to 8, people. Among the new buildings include the Colegiata de San Patricioerected in[13] which is the religious centre of the city, as well as numerous convents of La Merced, Santo Domingo and San Francisco.

Castle of Lorca In the seventeenth century, Lorca took shape as a modern city, but still had defensive duties due to the Ottoman threat along the coast.

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This century witnessed the expulsion of the Moors, the plague, which killed half the population, and droughts and locust plagues. Nevertheless, from a spectacular recovery and development began; amongst the construction of new buildings was the Palacio de Guevarabuilt in and a fine example of baroque architecture.

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Lorca truly became a modern city, losing its medieval character. The population grew, and urban sprawl began as immigrants settled in the suburbs of San Cristóbal and San José. The defensive wall disappeared, which is indicative of the greater security of the times.

The city became a haven for painters, sculptors and engravers. Comerț laorca 30 Aprila great calamity struck the town of Lorca. The walls of a nearby reservoir gave way, flooding the town and destroying many buildings and killing up to people.

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By Lorca had become the largest and most populous municipality in Murcia. Restoration in the late 19th century brought with it a period of prosperity and political calm, the roundabouts of San Vicente, the Teatro y Colónthe Casino Artístico y Literario inthe Teatro Guerra inand the Plaza de Toros inetc.

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It has an old Moorish castle, and manufactures of silks, soap, dye-stuffs, leather, paper, etc Near Liorca are important lead mines.

The Spanish Civil War paradoxically brought about the beginning of comerț laorca recovery, but in the post-World War II years the population stagnated as a result of emigration. But today the flow has been reversed: the leather, pottery, cement and butcheries make the municipality an agricultural and livestock industrial tone, involving a large percentage of the population.

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The twentieth century in Lorca has been a technological take-off, with slow and gradual change of social structures, the specialization of the productive sectors, etc. On October 19,Lorca and Puerto Lumbreras suffered a terrible flood that took more than 50 lives.

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On January 29,an earthquake of 4. This was however to be topped by worse. Main article: Lorca earthquake Damage to comerț laorca church in Lorca The town was seriously damaged by a magnitude 5.

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It has had the following incumbents, of both the lowest episcopal and intermediary comerț laorca ranks : Titular Archbishop Paul Clarence Schulte The Guadalentín River valley can be seen between the mountainous area of the northwest and northeast and the higher land between the valley and the coastline The town is situated at an elevation of metres 1, ft in eastern Spain between Granada and Murcia.

It was part of the hura [4] of Tidmir in the Muslim period when it became well known for its fertile soil and subsoil, and for its strategic location.

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It is situated on the southern slopes of the Siera del Cano mountains. The Guadalentín River flows through the town.

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The town of Lorca itself is located 58 kilometres 36 mi southwest of the city of Murcia tendințele comerciale din China roughly 40 kilometres 25 mi north of the coastal town of Aguilas. Beyond this the C road connects it to the city of Caravaca de la Cruz much further to the north.

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The municipality is very large at 1, km2  sq mi comerț laorca has a range of geographical features, extending from the coastline to the mountainous areas of the northwest and northeast of the municipality.

Lorca formed around the Guadalentín River in Arabic "mud river" in an arid valley.

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In fact, agriculture heavily depends on water transferred from the Tagus river in Central Spain. Irrigation channels were laid out all over the country by the Moors during the Middle Ages.

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These agricultural plains lie to the south of the main town in the valley, a strip which expands into the western part of the modul în care câștigă bani canalele. The area to the north is mountainous; to the northeast is the Parque Natural Sierra Espuna.