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Further information: History of Edmonton and Timeline of Edmonton history The earliest known inhabitants arrived in the area that is now Edmonton around  BC and perhaps as early as 12, BC when an ice-free corridor opened as the last glacial period ended and timber, water, and wildlife became available in the region. It was the third to be built within present day Edmonton. ByFort Edmonton was established on the river's north bank as a major trading post for the Hudson's Bay Company, near the mouth of the Sturgeon River close to present-day Opțiuni săptămânale pe forturi Saskatchewan.

Aeroporturile din Fortaleza. Zboruri către fortaleza Aeroporturile din Fortaleza. Zboruri către fortaleza Fortaleza este capitala statului Ceará, situată în nord-estul Braziliei. Aparține mezoregiunii metropolitane din Fortaleza și microregiunii din Fortaleza. La distanță de km mile de Brasilia, capitala federală, orașul s-a dezvoltat pe malul pârâului Pajeú, iar toponimia sa este o aluzie la Fortul Schoonenborch, care a dat naștere orașului, construit de olandezi în timpul celui de-al doilea rămâneți pe loc între și

The area covered by the treaty represents most of the central area of the current provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta. The Edmonton area's fertile soil and cheap land attracted settlers, further establishing Edmonton as a major regional commercial and agricultural centre.

Strathcona was North America's northernmost railway point, but travel to the Klondike opțiuni săptămânale pe forturi still very difficult for the "Klondikers," and a majority of them took a steamship north to the Yukon from Vancouver, British Columbia. The city was selected as Alberta's capital in Incorporated as a town in with a population of and then as a city in with a population of 8, [30] Edmonton became the capital of Alberta when the province was formed a year later, on September 1, InEdmonton amalgamated with the City of Strathcona, south of the North Saskatchewan River; as a result, the city extended south of the North Saskatchewan River for the first time.

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In Edmonton was incorporated as a town. The first mayor was Matthew McCauleywho established the first school board in Edmonton and Board of Trade later Chamber of Commerce and a municipal police service.

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InCity Council voted to create Edmonton Telephones Corporation to operate as an autonomous organization under a board of directors appointed by the city. Unions and radical organizations such as the Industrial Workers of the World struggled for progressive social change through the early years, with the first reformer, James Eastelected infollowed by the first official Labour alderman, James Kinneythe following year.

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Many thousands of workers participated in the Edmonton general strike of and a strong block of Labour representatives were on council after the next election: East, Kinney, Sam McCoppen, Rice Sheppard and Joe Clarke. The City used Single Transferable Vote STVa form of proportional representation, for elections from toin which councillors were elected at large with ranked transferable votes.

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Labour representation on city council became a near-majority inand a full majority from toduring the Great Depression. Edmonton is on the North Saskatchewan River, at an elevation of  m 2, ft.

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It is south of Alberta's geographic centre, which is near the Hamlet of Fort Assiniboine. It sometimes floods Edmonton's river valley, most notably in the North Saskatchewan River flood of